Expert in management support

Quality is self evident

When it comes to quality of services, only 'exceptional' will suffice.

Eye for detail
In my role as a Personal Assistant, you can expect the highest quality with an eye for detail and opportunities for improvement. A deal's a deal so items are delivered within the specified deadlines. Along with the usual secretarial skills, I also have a proactive attitude, a hands-on mentality and high level communication skills. 

When it comes to recruitment and selection I use strict selection requirements. Diplomas and employment history are thoroughly examined and I personally check all references. However, in addition to education, experience and interpersonal aspects also play a role. On paper a candidate can fit the profile perfectly, but if the personal match isn't there, it just doesn't work. Those are issues that I keep an eye on, and I include that in my recommendations. 

Finger on the pulse
When it comes to interim placement through Redwoods, I keep in regular contact with the client, both by telephone and in person, to discuss the state of affairs and the candidate's performance. After the work is completed, every client receives an evaluation form, which I discuss together with the client after completion.